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Tips for selling gold: 1: Understand the Scales The weight of gold helps determine its value, but keep in mind that jewelers use a different measurement standard called a Troy ounce. U.S. scales will measure 28 grams per ounce, while gold is measured at 31.1 grams per Troy ounce. Some dealers may also use a […]

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We want to be your Friendly Problem Solvers Today is a great day to sell Gold prices are at an all time high. Go through your jewelry boxes and bring in your broken/unwanted/unworn gold items and get cash now

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Advanced Gold and Silver 616 W.4TH Street Reno, NV 89503 Ph:775-329-1188 Fax: 775-337-1102


We will pay cash for 10k, 14k , 18k , 22k and 24k gold pieces. Scrap/broken gold chains, bracelets, rings, watches and coins. 2. What will you not buy? Stolen items, costume jewelry, plastic and gold plated items. 3. How is my jewelry priced? We base our prices according to the weight and fair market […]

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Need Cash Fast? Are you counting the days until payday? Upcoming vacation, emergency auto repairs, unexpected bills, and other unplanned expenses can wreak havoc on your finances. There is no need to live with financial stress – selling your unwanted or broken scrap gold or silver jewelry is an excellent solution for short-term cash flow […]

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Your friendly problem solvers OUR MISSION: Is to provide our customers with a safe and reliable way to sell your gold and silver jewelry, coins or any other item with people you can trust. We have been serving our community since 1998 We have always done our best to offer the public THE HIGHEST POSSIBLE […]

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